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gb whatsapp apk download apkpure-gb whatsapp version 7.00 download

gb whatsapp apk download apkpure-gb whatsapp version 7.00 download

Version: 2022 Latest Version
Platform: Android
Language: Global
Size: 50.2MB
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About gb whatsapp apk download apkpure-gb whatsapp version 7.00 download

Version 2022 Latest Version
platform Android
Language Global
Size 50.2MB

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gb whatsapp apk download apkpure-gb whatsapp version 7.00 download

Lost in Harmony revolves around Kaito’s adventure journey and helps him navigate various locations and solve challenges. These challenges come in various forms as dangerous vehicles to avoid and rhythmic levels to complete. Also, many soundtracks and levels can be found, and each player can access the edit feature to create a level they want.


The main character that the player will accompany in Lost in Harmony is Kaito, who is helping a girl, and together they move through different locations. They use a skateboard to move, and of course, they will face difficulties when many vehicles and challenges appear in the process of moving. So, your job is to solve challenges that come to Kaito and complete the level in the best way through your performance.

This game combines two gameplay running to infinity and rhythmic gameplay that can attract players. An interesting point when the game screen begins is that the character Kaito will not move forward but will move in the opposite direction, and that is the direction of movement toward the player. At the same time, the vehicles behind the character can be seen, so the player will need to observe during the game.


When the level of Lost in Harmony begins, the player will see Kaito move automatically and see small lights falling on the road. Players will need to fully collect these elements because they can affect the number of points they gain in this game. At the same time, when this picking is over, new gameplay will open that is rhythm gameplay with four empty squares in the shape of a four-pointed star.

When the stars appear, Kaito will keep moving without any dangerous elements that can affect him. That allows players to focus on rhythmic levels when different stars continuously pass through these four empty cells. Also, the moment they hit empty cells, you’ll need to touch them, and depending on how accurate the touch is, you’ll get ratings like perfect, good, or miss.

Players certainly don’t want to fail because they miss out on many stars, and the completion of the rhythm level takes place at many points of the level. Specifically, after completing a part of the rhythm game, you will be returned to the gameplay running to infinity. Vehicles that want to attack the player will appear, which requires the player to dodge correctly. After that, the player continues with the rhythm screen, and this transition will be made continuously.


When you enter the level of Lost in Harmony, you will be able to see different environments with awe-inspiring designs. Each location has different characteristics, but they always have in common that there are lights that the player can pick up and vehicles that are always trying to attack Kaito. At the same time, the level of challenge of the game screen will increase over time and open up to players’ exciting levels.

Players will be able to find levels of varying difficulty that they can complete, and of course, the accompanying soundtrack is always something that attracts them. Impressive soundtracks can draw players into the game’s level and try to motivate them to complete the level well. Also, in addition to the basic levels the game provides, players have access to an edit feature to create challenging levels and share them with other levels.

Players will accompany Kaito through many challenging locations:

The gameplay is running to infinity and rhythm, and they will change positions with each other multiple times at a game level.Kaito will move toward the player and be dangerous vehicles to dodge behind him and lights to pick up.After completing a part of the gameplay running to infinity, the rhythm stage will appear, and you need to touch the stars correctly.Players will travel through many locations with different designs and challenges, and they will not ignore the impressive soundtracks.Over time, players can complete levels and challenge with levels created by other players from the game’s edit feature.